Memorizing Scripture makes you stronger.

For most of us, the idea of memorizing the Bible feels more like a chore or obligation than anything else. But the Bible actually has a lot of important, powerful things to say to help us handle life a little better. As we look back at Psalm 119 this week, we’ll see that when we [...]

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 If you’ve ever found yourself stumbling around in a dark room looking for a light, then you know what life without the help of the Bible looks like. Instead of waiting until the dark moments to turn to it, God wants you to see the Bible as a tool that can help you light [...]

Context makes things clearer

The Bible is the number one best seller of all-time, but the idea of reading it isn’t always that appealing. Maybe that’s because, for a lot of us, we’re just not sure that what’s written in the pages is all actually true. Take a look at a few reasons we can trust that the Bible [...]

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How to deal with conflict

When it comes to friendships, there’s one thing that’s inevitable: conflict. Any time you’re in close relationship with someone, you’re bound to run into conflict along the way. And when that happens, we all have different ways of dealing with it. Some of us face it head on while others of us do our best [...]

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Who do you listen to?

Have you ever had a friend convince you to do something stupid? Maybe it was a goofy prank that didn’t end well or a silly dare that ended up getting you in trouble. Either way, what your friend convinced you to do, didn’t turn out well. And while things like pranks or dares gone wrong [...]

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Your friends can make you or break you.

How did your people become your people? Your closest friends, the people you call when you want to do something fun, the people you sit with every day at lunch—how did they become your friends? Why did you choose them to be a part of your crew? When it comes to friendships, these are important [...]

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5 things that will help you become a lighthouse at your school.

Do you want to be a light house or a box of fireworks? I love seeing a big box of fireworks go off all at the same time. Something about bright explosions that make me smile not sure why. I don't want to see that happen to my faith, start out with a big beautiful bang [...]

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10 Questions after Summer Camp

Tell me about your week at camp.   Can I live up to the commitments I made? How can I survive apart from the camp environment?   What was your favorite part of camp?   What was your least favorite part of camp?   What activities did you enjoy the most?   What made [...]

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Summer Camp Part 2

This Wednesday 6:30 PM, we will get in our summer camp share groups and find out how we are doing spiritually since camp. Meet up stairs in the small group main room. Join Us This Summer Fundraiser

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