Ignite Weekend

Ignite Weekend Count Down

Date: March 23-25, 2018
Time: Friday 5:00pm – Sunday 12:03pm
Location: Host Homes/travel to FBC Plant City for worship services and First Baptist Dover for recreation.

March 8          Early price $40
March 9-22    Late $50

(includes meals, recreation activities, t-shirt)


6-7th Girls House :

Host: Pam Hurlburt-813-368-2364
Co-Host: Amber Moyer- 813-267-1192

Grace Edge
lindsey weaver
Mackenzie Lemus
Emma Claire Carbaugh
Jayla Baker
Carly Goodson
Katie Davis
Kristin Davis
Havilah Walton
Hope Garrett
Hannah Garrett

Community Project 

Working at Mrs. Delva Registers Home cleaning.

8th Girls House :

Pam Miller- 813-708-4470
Chris Miller Sr.
Nadine Bellott
Billy Bellott

Ciara Woosley
Trinidy Woodall
Hannah Simmons
Mckinley Baker
Rashelle Clark
Annabelle Evans
Hannah Lamb
Vianney Hernandez
Madison Lefler

Community Project 

Provide supplies for survivors of sex trafficking through Selah Freedom

9-10th School Girls House :

Jamie Hinson-813-951-7015
Heather Clark
Heidi Phillips

Abigail Phillips
Hannah Edge
Jayda Messick
Esther Walton
Jayden Jackson
Erika West
Elizabeth Martin
Rachel Long
Grace Slane
Hayden Samuel
Essie Richardson
Haley Manigold
Emily Warrington

Community Project 

Youth room restore project

11-12th  School Girls House:

Drew Evans
Christy Evans – contact # 813-417-7368
Thresa Mower

Ashlynn Canterbury
Lizzy Briggs
Devyn Wynperle
Alyssa Davis
Summer Chancellor
China Mitchell
Kylee Keiser
Makaira Fisk

Community Project 

“Thanks” bags for local GAL’s (guardian ad litem), volunteers that assist the courts in caring for children in need.

6-8th Boys House:

Christian Life Center
Scott Hinson-813-951-7015
Frank Clark-813-317-9777
Chris Miller
Jesse Miller
Alissa Cribbs
Diana Webb

Riley Evans
Garrett Moyer
Jackson Hinson
Ethan Cribbs
Hank Slane
Jaden Baker
Bryce Canterbury
Avery Cherry
Caleb Tucker
Joseph Lawrence
Nathan Parker
Gary Mathon
Logan Webb
Logan Childs

Community Project 

Southwest Gleaning Project

High School Boys House:

Terrence Tucker- 813-614-2618
Ashlie Tucker
Amanda Watkins
Dustin Watkins

Joey Brown
Jacob Lawrence
Miller Woosley
Jonny Roberts
Parker Phillips
Peyton Cherry
Kerrwyn Richardson
Solomon Walton
Scott Gicker
Daniel Harrell
Antonio Hernandez

Community Project 

Cleaning up at Bill Miley’s house (yard), coordinated with Clayton Yates

Extra Drivers:

Alissa Cribbs and Head Chef

Sunday Morning Cooks:

Alissa Cribbs -XL
Christa Richardson-Xl
Tami Jackson-L
Sandra West-2xl
Chad west-3xl
Valerie & Don Wendt-XL & M
Mark & Jamie Canterbury-L & XL
Brandi and John Woosley-M & XL
Michelle Parker-S
Jimmy & Diana Webb-XL & S
Wayne Moyer-XL
Martin Walton-M
Jamie Goodson- XXL

College Helpers

Chloe Walton -S
Chris Miller -S
Corie Bellott -S
David Whatley -L
Derek Evans -M
Emily Hurlbert -M
Jacob Burnette 2XL
Jaqueline Whatley M
Jesse Miller -L
Joseph Schmitt -L
Justin Wilkerson -L
Kasey Traylor -S
Micheal Whatley -M
Noah Smith -L
David Burtt -M
Hana Mower -S
Emily Smith-S


Pam Hurlburt- XXL
Amber Moyer -M
Pam Miller-M
Chris Miller Sr. XL
Nadine Bellott M
Jamie Hinson- S
Heather Clark- S
Heidi Phillips -M
Drew Evans- L
Christy Evans -L
Thresa Mower-XL
Scott Hinson -XL
Frank Clark -L
Terrence Tucker- L
Ashlie Tuckers-M
Amanda Watkins-S
Dustin Watkins -L
Diana Webb- S
Niki Taylor -S


Disciple Now is a weekend-long youth event where students experience fun-filled activities designed to encourage their spiritual walk.

Students will be divided into groups based on age and gender.  These small groups will be spending the nights in host homes.  Host homes are generous members of the church who have committed to provide sleeping space and transportation to youth throughout the weekend.


Snacks: Your favorite munchies & drinks


 Clothes to have fun in (inside and outside games-bring layers)

 Clothes and shoes to get dirty in

 Clothes to sleep in

 Clothes for Church ( Jeans and your Ignite Weekend shirt)


 Bible

 Toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, deodorant, the essentials!!!

 Pen or pencil

 Sleeping bag/pillow

 Flash light

 Good Teachable Attitude

Please do not bring: ENERGY DRINKS OF ANY KIND!, IPODs, MP3 Players, PDAs, a giant plasma T.V., PSPs, or any other Object(s) that promote isolation. You can bring your cell phone- but you cannot keep it in use. Violation of this, is an agreement to surrender cell phone until after the weekend is over! It is only to be used in the event of an emergency!


Friday – March 23th

5:00-5:30 pm – FBC Plant City  Registration

NEW LOCATION – 3309 James L. Redman Parkway

5:30-6:30 pm – Dinner in Commons Area

6:30-7:00 pm – Gather in the Worship Center

7:00-8:30 pm – Evening Worship

8:30-9:15 pm – Small Groups

9:15 pm – Depart for Host Homes

Saturday – March 24 – (Breakfast in Homes)

8:00am              Meet @ FBC Plant City   NEW LOCATION – 3309 James L. Redman Parkway

8:30-9:30am      Morning Worship

9:45-10:30am    Breakout 1

10:45-11:30am  Breakout 2

11:45am            Lunch @ FBC Plant City

12:30-2:30pm     Community Project by host home Love Our City

3:00-4:00pm      The BIG Game @ FBC Dover

4:00-5:30pm       Free Time @ FBC Dover

7:30pm               Dinner @ FBC Plant City NEW LOCATION – 3309 James L. Redman Parkway

8:30-10:00pm     Evening Worship

10:00-11:00pm   Small Groups

11:00pm             Depart for Host Homes

Sunday – March 26 – (Wear Ignite T-Shirt)

9:00-10:15am     Breakfast & Bible Study at First Baptist Dover

10:30am             Service at FB DOVER

Love Our City Ideas

1. Gleaning the strawberry fields
2. Amazing Love Ministries
3. Bigger Better: start with a penny
4. Mobile car wash teams: first responders / senior adults
5. $100 in quarters to bless the community vending machines with
6. Block party
7. Ice pops to the sports teams
8. Waters at intersections
9. BINGO at nursing homes
10. Mowing for widows
11.Neighborhood prayer teams
12. Random Acts Of Kindness (R.A.O.K.)

  1. smile 🙂
  2. call your mother to tell her you love her
  3. write a handwritten note to someone who needs encouragement
  4. put change in the washer/dryer for the next person
  5. leave some extra money in the vending machine
  6. instead of just thinking it, compliment someone
  7. give someone a flower …or a dozen…just because
  8. visit a senior center or nursing home
  9. pick up trash
  10. pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru
  11. buy flowers for the cashier at the grocery store…tell her she’s awesome
  12. leave a funny or kind note in an unexpected place
  13. rake someone’s yard
  14. make a makeshift lemonade stand that you can bless a business district with
  15. wave a “honk if you like to smile” poster at a street intersection
  16. donate an hour of your time to help someone
  17. introduce yourself to someone you always see around
  18. anonymously send a friend in need some cash
  19. throw kids in a neighborhood a pizza party
  20. blow up social media with encouragement and Scripture
  21. find a widow at your church and figure out a way to be a blessing
  22. show up to a local sporting event and be the best fans EVER
  23. look for someone push mowing their lawn and ask to finish the job
  24. help the cart person at a local grocery store by pushing the carts to the store
  25. go caroling at a church member’s home and give them the best church member ever award

Churches Engaged with IGNITE

1. FBC Plant City
2. FBC Dover
3. Shiloh Baptist
4. Bethany Baptist
5. Church on the Rock
6. E. Thonotosassa Baptist
7. Knights Baptist
8. Midway Baptist
9. Gracepoint
10. Hopewell Baptist
11. City Pointe
12. Jesus Church

Speaker: Billy Young

 Worship: Worship Collective 

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